Who are we?

Classic Brands is a group of dedicated wild bird enthusiasts that want to help you “Make a World of Difference.” We have just the right bird feeders for your wild bird sanctuary. Whether it’s for a suburban oasis, a backyard deck or sprawling open country, we can help you attract the most birds. Our company is different because we design bird feeders that are based on consumer feedback and surveys, countless hours of field testing, and innovative product engineering. We design and manufacture with an unparalleled passion for what is best for the birds and our customers.

Classic Brands is your one source for all your birding needs:

  • More Birds® carries bird feeders and accessories for songbirds, hummingbirds and orioles.
  • Droll Yankees®' founder, Peter Kilham, invented the first tube bird feeder. Our products are praised by hobbyists and veteran birders alike as the World's Best Bird Feeders since 1969.
  • Squirrel-X™ offers a line of squirrel-resistant songbird feeders.
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