Feeding squirrels can be entertaining and fun. Best of all, by providing squirrels with their own feeders, you can deter them from your bird feeders.

Choose a location to feed squirrels well away from your bird feeders and near trees. Squirrels live in trees and can run up them to safety if needed.

Stokes Select squirrel lunch boxThere are many kinds of wonderful squirrel feeders. Most consist of a seed hopper or corn holder. Our Stokes Select® Squirrel Lunch Box has an extended front perch for a squirrel to sit on and eat from the bottom slit. Watch the antics as they learn to lift the hinged lid to get a treat. Fill with Stokes Select® Critter Snack, a great squirrel food containing their favorites: whole corn kernels, black oil sunflower seed and peanuts. It is recommended to not feed squirrels any salted food.

Squirrel food can be placed on the ground or in a low platform near the ground, such as the Stokes Select® 3-in-1 Platform Feeder. This feeder includes a ground socket for easy mounting.

Some squirrel feeders are designed to offer whole corn cobs. Place an ear of corn inside the Stokes Select® Corn Cob Feeder to give squirrels their own yummy treat.

The unique and fun Stokes Select® Tractor Cob Feeder will delight you as you watch the squirrel sit on the tractor seat and nibble on the corn cobs mounted one on each side of the tractor.

The most common squirrel is the gray squirrel, which is native to the eastern and midwestern United States. Introduced to several regions of the western US, gray squirrels can be gray or reddish. They make nests with dry leaves and twigs in the fork of trees, or live in a tree hole. They breed twice a year in December to February and May to June and have from two to eight young. Gray squirrels can bury their food in numerous small caches and accurately remember where they hid those months later.

Gray squirrels are clever and inquisitive. An additional method of keeping them off your bird feeders is to place feeders on poles and use a squirrel baffle on the pole below the feeder. Place feeder 12-15 feet or more from any place a squirrel can jump from.

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