Stokes Select® feeders are designed to disassemble easily and with few small parts, making it simple and easy to clean and care for your bird feeders.

Stokes Select Abundance bird feederFor the health and safety of birds, it’s important to clean your bird feeders regularly. This will prevent the transmission of disease and keep your birds healthy. If you have many feeders, cleaning them on a rotating schedule will shorten the task each time.

Start by emptying or scraping old or moldy seed and debris out of the feeder into a trash bag, not onto the ground. Use rubber gloves while cleaning feeders.

Disassemble the feeder, saving any screws or parts to ensure you can put it back together.

Thoroughly clean your feeders with soapy water, using bottle or scrub brushes if necessary. Rinse, then dip in a mild bleach solution (9 parts water to 1 part bleach). Rinse thoroughly with clear water, then let dry before refilling.

Frequently rake up any old or moldy seed or hulls from the ground under the feeders and dispose of it. Periodically move feeders to new locations to prevent seed build-up on the ground.

Keep bird seed in a cool, dry place in rodent- and insect-proof containers. Discard any that is musty or moldy. Buy new seed regularly and keep fresh seed in the feeders.

Give birds space for feeding. Placing feeders in different areas of your yard will reduce crowding of birds and the potential for transmission of disease between healthy and sick birds. Plus it will allow a wider variety of birds to feed, adding to your bird feeding enjoyment.

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