Classic Brands has a dedicated team passionate about birds and our customers. We are focused on developing innovative, quality products that are better for the birds and better for you. We embrace learning more about what our customers desire – whether our songbird customer or our friends feeding birds in their backyard.

We continue to conduct research across North America to better understand what birders want in a bird feeder or accessory product. We have incorporated into every product unique features to make bird feeding easy and fun for people of all ages.

Our products are designed with the birds' needs in mind too. With our team of experts, we design all Classic Brands products in the USA and field test to ensure a fun and successful bird feeding experience for all.

Our innovative products, coupled with our exciting branding strategy and comprehensive merchandising solutions, makes Classic Brands your one source for all our birding needs.

Company Pillars

We Listen

We listen to our customer to provide them with the best feeders to put on their shelves that we know will sell to their customers. We also listen to the consumer by utilizing their feedback and providing them with the best, most comprehensive feeders on the market.

We Innovate

Our products are highly creative and solve our consumers' problems.

Holistic View

Our approach is all-encompassing: We provide a stellar experience for our customers and consumers by creating a coherent shopping experience with easy to use and clean products that the consumer will love. We view the merchandising and shopping experience to be as important as the user experience and the feeding experience for the birds. By providing knowledge and education as well, we become a one-stop shop for the industry.

We Are Passionate

We care deeply about our customers and continually push oursevles to be the best we can be.

Consumer Promise

From your experience in store to your backyard, we promise to make bird feeding easier and a more rewarding encounter with nature.



Hours of operation: 7 am - 4:30 pm Mon-Fri (EST)




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