Stokes Select Snacks’N’Treats® Platform Swing Feeder

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Product Description

Hang a swing and make birds sing with the Stokes Select® Snacks’N’Treats® Platform Swing Feeder! This durable, all-metal feeder features 2 large food compartments with built-in drainage holes that help to keep foods fresh and dry. Offer dried mealworms, fruit, seed, jelly, nuts or suet nuggets – the options are endless for feeding a wide variety of birds. When snack time comes, treat your birds with a Snacks’N’Treats® Platform Swing Feeder!

  • Hang a swing and make birds sing!
  • 2 large food compartments to feed different foods from the same feeder
  • Built-in drainage holes help to keep foods fresh and dry
  • 1.7 lb. seed capacity (volume will vary if other bird foods are used)
  • Durable, all-metal construction
  • Attract a wide variety of birds with multiple foods

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Additional Information

Weight 1.93 lbs
Dimensions 7.3 × 12.3 × 7.1 in