Seed Types

Dried Mealworms

This is the larvae of the mealworm beetle. It is high in protein. Mealworms are enjoyed by a wide variety of birds, including chickadees, titmice and nuthatches. It is also one of the few food sources preferred by bluebirds. It is best served on a flat feeder tray.

Finch Blend
Finch Blend

This blend is used for attracting various finch species. Most brands contain millet, nyjer and black oil sunflower seeds. Finches typically prefer white millet over red; white millet has a sweet flavor and is high in protein.

Hulled Peanuts
Hulled Peanuts

These are best served in a small hopper or platform feeder. Peanuts are high in energy and protein. Because the shells have been removed, these can mold easily.

suet nuggets and cake

Suet attracts insect-eating birds. It is comprised of animal fat from kidneys and livers, making it a high-energy food for birds. Suet can be used in the form of cakes or nuggets.


Known for attracting finches. Because it is so small, it needs to be used in a feeder with small feeding ports to prevent the seed from spilling out.