Stokes Select Sedona High Capacity Feeder

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Product Description

Attract a wide variety of songbirds such as Cardinals and Chickadees with the Stokes Select® Sedona High Capacity Feeder. The Sedona’s 6 perches provide plenty of feeding space for many birds to feed at once, while its large seed tray with perching rim adds extra elbow room! Its large 4.1 lbs. seed capacity polycarbonate seed tube goes longer between fillings, saving you treks outside. Its innovative twist-lock roof design and wide opening make filling easy and cleaning a breeze. Built-in drainage holes help to keep seeds fresh & dry, while the seed diverter design keeps seeds moving into feeding areas. Green powder-coated metal parts complement the yard. The feeding ports are removable for thorough cleaning, and a coated metal hanging wire is included for convenient placement.

  • 4.1 lbs. seed capacity polycarbonate tube
  • Large seed tray and 6 perches for a variety of birds to feed at once
  • Twist-lock roof design & wide opening for easy cleaning & filling
  • Drainage holes and seed diverter to help keep seeds flowing, fresh & dry
  • Removable seed ports for thorough cleaning
  • Green powder-coated metal parts to complement your yard

Additional Information

Weight 2.11 lbs
Dimensions 18.6 × 8 × 8 in